Executive 1:1 Coaching

Executive 1:1 Coaching

At Squat Toad we have a singular commitment to provide effective, inspiring coaching that provides milestone impact in the lives of our clients. Our programmes are designed to establish clear goals with metrics of success that indicate an excellent return on investment.

We look to coach our clients at depth enabling a quality of personal development that is sustainable and of high value. Our approach generates personal insight coupled with the opportunity to powerfully apply the new understanding into impactful behavioural change.

We have many years of providing world class input and would welcome the opportunity to be of value in supporting you achieve your personal and commercial goals.

“Matthew has been one of the most important people in my career. His clarity of thought and wisdom have been an inspiration to me and our company.”

Andrew Mackenzie | Chief Creative Officer, Twofour Group

“Matthew has worked with me in a number of organisations, from Channel 4 to TalkTalk. At TalkTalk he was part of our spot coaching team, delivering an innovative coaching model that allowed us to open up executive coaching to the whole business. Matthew wholeheartedly threw himself into this and helped us build a model that was incredibly successful. Matthew has a rare combination of skills, both incredibly insightful, thoughtful and a terrific listener, he also absolutely does not let you get away with anything, is challenging and unafraid of asking really difficult questions. I’d absolutely recommend Matthew as one of the best coaches I’ve worked with, particularly for tough clients who need and want a robust to-and-fro.”

Ruwen Fernando | Channel 4

“The help, advice, and support I received from Matthew had an immeasurable impact on me. I could not have left the company I started, seen clarity as to what my next move would be, and secure it without him. I found working with him invaluable.”

Yan Elliot | Lucky Generals

“Jo was one of our spot coaches at TalkTalk. As well as fully embracing an innovative approach to coaching within the business, and really helping us drive a significant change in both the perception and application of coaching as a result, she is just, hands down, a terrific coach. Jo was consistently the coach that our teams wanted to see more of, I think because of a rare balance between incredible empathy and an approach that really helped individuals move forward with the challenges they were experiencing quickly. Jo was also a brilliant partner to the business, providing us with insight and challenge. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Jo as a coach and as a genuine collaborator you’d always want to be part of your wider team.”

Ruwen Fernando | Group Talent and Learning Innovator TalkTalk

“I worked with Jo as part of the talent development programme at TalkTalk. After my first one hour session with her I came out of the room feeling invigorated, energised and motivated. Over the course of our next few meetings Jo had a profound effect on my personal development; teaching me some valuable skills both for life and work which have really helped me since. Sessions with her were always fun and innovative and left me with a great deal of clarity about the course of action I needed to take thereafter. The benefits in my work were hugely noticeable and commented on by colleagues. I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to work with her again.”

Stephen Henry | Sales and Operations Director at Switch My Business

“On first meeting Jo for a coaching session I was a little unsure as to what to expect. It’s always a little nervy not knowing someone you’re about to possibly open up to. On meeting Jo I found her to be genuine, warm, friendly, approachable but more importantly trust worthy. During my time working with Jo I found she had a knack of drawing out the deepest concerns, worries and inhibitions, then instantly allowing me to see those as positives and not negative weights holding me back. It meant for me I was ready for the next chapter in my life. With an immediate fresh outlook I was able to take back control of my career. It is thanks to Jo that I successfully run my own business now demonstrating all my life skills. It was Jo that allowed me to believe in my ability when others may have suppressed that ability. Jo is a great coach and I highly recommend her.”

Simon McCarrick | Assoc CIPD, Freelance Sales & HRD Trainer/Facilitator Assessor and Performance Coach at SMCRS


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