Executive Team Coaching

Executive Team Coaching

At Squat Toad we are committed to supporting small teams to be as inspired and effective as possible.

To help grow a world class team, we provide support in establishing the following:

  • The team’s fundamental purpose
  • Creating a team that is genuinely a team
  • Clear milestones that forms a strategic plan for monitoring the team’s performance
  • An optimal team culture that establishes best protocols to achieve the agreed purpose
  • At depth input with the team enabling lasting and impactful results.

We have many years of success in supporting our clients form highly impactful teams with a lasting culture that contributes high value commercial results.

“Matthew’s arrival in the business was in no small part responsible for the double digit growth that’s been achieved over the past 3 years. His skills in bringing together a team with a clarity of vision and a sense of accountability are second to none.”

Melanie Leach, CEO Twofour Group

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