Core Competency Training

Core Competency Training


During these challenging times for Business, we face a choice: create a culture of toxicity, born from a fear of scarcity and a need to control, in which it is hard to stay healthy, or successful; Or adapt, survive and as a result, both personally and professionally Thrive …

But HOW do we do that?

There are 3 crucial pillars to building the successful and healthy businesses of the future:

Building Self-Awareness

Understanding Motivational Drivers/Interpreting and Managing ‘State’, recognising the traits, qualities and behaviours that fall out of our level of understanding and building more consciousness to support best outcomes for all concerned

Developing forensic clarity

On direction, strategy and ‘bridging the gap’. Using methods that play to our strengths and the strengths of the team

5* Communication & Relationship Building

Developing the consciousness that communication shapes culture. Generating highest quality conversational intelligence and collaborative behaviours, through personal understanding of which conversational styles generate fear and shutdown and which generate trust, openness and alignment. The conditions for these great outcomes are brought about through attributes such as empathy, deep listening, rapport building and effective questioning methodologies, all underpinned by neuroscience, allowing for even the most challenging conversations and circumstances to have a good outcome. Soft skills maybe, but with a cutting edge.

Essentially, we have to be self-aware enough to understand what triggers us, manage our own reactions and put our egos aside when necessary.

Focus on the challenges we are facing, organisationally and as teams and individuals and to be flexible, courageous and resilient enough to meet them in innovative ways

To build quality relationships with others, meaning the whole becomes greater than the sum of the parts.

In order to achieve these outcomes, we are required to ‘show up’ with a level of authenticity that comes from being willing to be vulnerable enough not to stand in certainty and being right, or to be the one with all the answers, but to hold our nerve in the not knowing that is the darkness of all starting points, even more so when they are collaborative endeavours and in doing so we empower others to step with us into the space, potentially generating even more creative solutions as a result.

At Squat Toad we offer:

Core Competency Training – Leadership: The Core Competency Leadership Training is a Learning Programme to build Leadership Capability of self and others, using multiple learning strategies.

Core Competency Training – Creativity: The Core Competency – Creativity Training, is a multi dimensional approach to developing creativity, what facilitates it, what inhibits it, what enables us to deliver on it and what helps us sustain it over time. It incorporates the key tenets of the Core Competency Training, with specific strategies for maximising creative outputs.

Core Competency Training – Coaching: This incorporates the Core Competency Training with all the benefits it offers, but facilitated in such a way that it includes the necessary elements of Coaching Training in the provision, to equip Trainee teams to provide the training to the wider organization in house.