Holistic Creativity Coaching

Holistic Creativity Coaching

There are many common psychological and personal blocks that prevent us from doing our best work. A various assortment of associated beliefs about ourselves and others, an inbuilt perfectionism, or perhaps lack of clarity, masquerading as procrastination; self-esteem, pressure, overwhelm. They take many forms.

At Squat Toad, we bring extensive knowledge to the coaching sessions, of how a person’s life story may have impacted, or be impacting on their creative drive, profoundly affecting their ability to work creatively and achieve their goals. It is not therapy, but is packed full of understanding and strategic thinking. Imagine strategy with Heart!

Holistic Creativity coaching will work with you directly to understand and unlock the particular combination of potential hurdles you have to leap over in order to express yourself authentically and with full creativity in your Life and work.

It will help you clear the way to access your best ideas and deeper instincts. It can offer supportive techniques and help you build resilient attitudes, for example to ‘being seen’, commitment, or fear of failure.

In short, it can help you to fully recognise your creative impulses and know how to successfully take action, becoming a more effective, healthy and happy creator, or innovator, whatever your line of work, or aspiration.

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