Spot Coaching

Spot Coaching

These sessions can relate to any area in which you need support. This might include: business development, career development, strategy, creative outputs, stress management, or resilience, for example:

  • Career development aspirations and how best to move beyond perceived internal ceilings to advancement
  • Effectively leveraging organisational resource
  • Enhancing personal and report performance
  • Issues in effectively managing upwards and downwards within the organisation
  • Frustrations in not being able to leverage ability and give more to the organisation

Jo StoneHowever, employees also come to work as whole people and can’t always compartmentalise. Just because we walk through the workplace door doesn’t mean our thoughts and feeling about the rest of our lives get left outside. Coaching is not therapy, but can be very beneficial in helping meet the new legal requirements to support wellbeing at work and has been shown to significantly reduce presenteeism, absenteeism and costs and increase staff morale, productivity and reputation.

Coachees may be selected by managers, or may have the opportunity to self-select through a booking system set up by the HR department of their businesses. Please note, given the evolving skill requirements of the business, sessions can also be shaped to meet the specific skills uplift that would be of most value to the business. We could take this on advisement of the SMG.

“In a democracy, the well-being, individuality and happiness of every citizen is important for the overall prosperity, peace and happiness of the nation.”

A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

“On first meeting Jo for a coaching session I was a little unsure as to what to expect. It’s always a little nervy not knowing someone you’re about to possibly open up to. On meeting Jo I found her to be genuine, warm, friendly, approachable but more importantly trust worthy. During my time working with Jo I found she had a knack of drawing out the deepest concerns, worries and inhibitions, then instantly allowing me to see those as positives and not negative weights holding me back. It meant for me I was ready for the next chapter in my life. With an immediate fresh outlook I was able to take back control of my career. It is thanks to Jo that I successfully run my own business now demonstrating all my life skills. It was Jo that allowed me to believe in my ability when others may have suppressed that ability. Jo is a great coach and I highly recommend her.”

Simon McCarrick | Assoc CIPD | Freelance Sales & HRD Trainer/Facilitator Assessor and Performance Coach at SMCRS

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