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Did you crest into 2016 full of vision, plans and strategies for change? Are you still riding the wave of possibility, or do you already feel overwhelmed, by the need to find fresh time and energy to implement the new, alongside your current Life and Business? Do you confidently have what you need in place to start achieving what you want from this year, or do you need to acquire extra resources to help you meet your goals?

Just like you, we get really excited at new year, and have been very busy planning all the value we want to share with you over the coming months. It keeps us on our toes too and we have to remember to personally use all the skills and strategies we train and coach, to stay creative, effective and fulfilled.

If like us, you are planning new developments this year, remember, even if you only do one small thing toward your goal each day, it will amount to more, than a year of waiting for the perfect moment to take action.

We hope, regardless of the challenge, that this finds you buzzing with enthusiasm and a revitalised passion for your life and business in 2016.

We really look forward to assisting you in making this a stunning year. Do get in touch through the links below and watch this space for developments as we bring them into play.


Holistic Creativity


Increasingly, the new core competency is creativity…the game is changing. It isn’t just about Math and Science anymore. It’s about creativity, imagination and above all innovation.

Nussbaum- Business Week special 2005.

Even if we are personally and professionally, inspired and prolific creators, it can still be incredibly hard to create on demand to deadlines and when under stress. Squat Toad offers a training in Holistic Creativity, which is a multi dimensional approach to developing creativity, what facilitates it, what inhibits it, what enables us to deliver on it and what helps us sustain it over time.

Full of tips and tools, it has a four-pronged approach, addressing the elements of and relationships between 4 domains; The Physical, eg environment and movement, the Emotional, eg Gut Instinct, fear of failure, the Mental, eg beliefs and decision making and the Spiritual, eg inspiration and purpose.

As a Training, it can be taken as a whole, or broken down into the 4 domains to explore the elements contained within. These work together, but can be taken in any order to give express access to particular individual, or organisational needs.

If you wish to create a nourishing creative culture, that supports the exploration of ideas and enables the development of powerful creative output and clear strategies for individual and corporate growth, or would like to make better creative decisions, stimulate optimum creative thinking and be able to access a subconscious library of content whenever you wish, please get in touch for more information.

Bespoke trainings and 1:1 Coaching sessions, or programmes are also available on request.

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Holistic Creativity Talk

20 minute and 1 hour talks are also offered on this subject, addressing and debunking some of the myths around Creativity and what it means to be creative. It contests the belief that Creativity is only right brained and reveals how we can be more productive and successful coming from a whole brain perspective. It is underpinned by current neuro-scientific and psychological approaches and is fun and informative.

Contact Jo for more information.


Mining for Gold Training

Mining for Gold

Mining for Gold is a course designed to help you recognise the phenomenal potential you have and be able to access that potential in inspiring and effective ways.

The course works through a number of steps that helps you build a clear picture of who you are in life, who you would like to become and the best ways to navigate that journey.

It is an adventure, an education and an opportunity to develop skills that will be pure gold for life.

You will have an opportunity to redesign yourself in ways that are more imaginative, effective and inspiring. The approach enables you to take a very high level of responsibility in being who you are and doing what you do in ways that simply work.

Matthew has built the course from the very best through a life-long interest exploring self and professional development. It is designed to be fun, inspiring and utterly effective.

We are also happy to come in and offer a one-hour session for multiple people in your organisation overviewing the course material. This is designed to be of stand alone value and useful insight if considering booking the course.

We are excited at the impact of the material and enjoy offering it as widely as possible.

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Mining For Gold Talk

Matthew is offering a 30-minute talk going into the fine detail of what we can do to get the very best from ourselves. It draws on the material and methodology he has developed over the last 15 years working with people. Expect to to gain insight and practical steps to access and harness the very best in you in ways that are inspiring and effective!

Contact Matthew for more information