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Holistic 360

The Holistic 360, is a completely new take on the classic 360, which can be applied to individuals, teams and organisations.

Unlike the standard 360 approach, which is more the assessment of an individual’s working, or management style by their peers, it is more a holographic view of the whole individual, team, or organisation to whom it is applied. It assesses, if you like, the structure of wellbeing at the core of the individual/s, or businesses concerned.

tadpoleIf you imagine a transverse section of the client, cut through like a stick of Rock for example, you would see what is written all the way through.

It uses an established method to assess the current position, needs, attitudes and approaches of the individual/s concerned, and helps evolve strategies to respond to the gap between that and the desirable experience, or outcomes required. It then supports these insights with a follow-up coaching programme to help manage and measure the desired changes. In short, it highlights issues and supports healthy transformation, offering individuals and organisations the opportunity to recognise and fulfil their purpose.

It is an accessible format that works well in microcosm or macrocosm and gives an in depth and detailed overview.

When we apply this to organisations, we work with an outstanding associate, who after more than 25 years in the business has developed specific software that can input high levels of information to create a clear image of the overall picture of the business and the issues that are faced by its employees.

We can then bring in a team to help address the issues raised and support the implementation of relevant, organised, positive change, which is visible and measurable in order to assess the return on investment.

For teams and organisations this is a bespoke product and timings will therefore vary depending on numbers and need.

“Wellness is not a ‘medical fix’ but a way of living – a lifestyle sensitive and responsive to all the dimensions of body, mind, and spirit, an approach to life we each design to achieve our highest potential for well-being now and forever.”

Greg Anderson

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