Holistic Creativity

Holistic Creativity

Our training model is an integration of left and right brain thinking, generating a new holistic approach to evolving creativity.

It incorporates a span of learning from how Creativity works in the brain and how we can make the best creative decisions, to multiple ways we can stimulate optimum creative thinking and access a subconscious library of content.

Our ability to create, like every aspect of our nature is influenced by the multitude of our experiences and the meanings we give to them. Ultimately conditioning ourselves into increasingly liberated, or contracted states, which in their turn generate consequences we use again to confirm our beliefs about ourselves.

Even if we are personally and professionally, inspired and prolific creators, it can still be incredibly hard to create on demand to deadlines and when under great stress.

Holistic Creativity is a multi dimensional approach to developing creativity, what facilitates it, what inhibits it, what enables us to deliver on it and what helps us sustain it over time. It’s four-pronged approach addresses the elements of and relationships between four domains; The Physical, eg environment and movement, the Emotional, eg gut instinct, fear of failure, the Mental, eg beliefs and decision making and the Spiritual, eg inspiration and purpose.

The complicated creative mind-set of Individuals, Teams and Corporations can be investigated and understood in ways that move them from being fearful, stifled balls of knotted root, too tight to function, into untangled, limitless, lengths of possibility, grounded in the rich earth of a nourishing creative culture, that supports the exploration of ideas and enables the development of powerful creative output and clear strategies for individual and corporate growth.

A special report for Business Week noted that:

“Increasingly, the new core competency is creativity… the game is changing. It isn’t just about Math and Science anymore. It’s about creativity, imagination and above all innovation.”

(Nussbaum et al., 2005, p.1)

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.”

Albert Einstein

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