About Toad Totem

About Toad Totem

Toad Totem: Inner Strength, Good Fortune

The appearance of a Toad heralds a successful time of drawing upon 
and using our inner resources.  
Toads are associated with money and luck – 
especially changing your luck from bad to good.  
People with a Toad totem can see things and people more clearly.

A Toad heralds the need for self-examination.

Ask these questions:
Am I hesitating to act and missing opportunities?
Am I allowing fear to hinder progress?
Have I forgotten my inner strength?

A Toad totem is a representation of the Moon, and represents both Life and Death.  
In alchemy, the Toad signifies the dark side of Nature. What is hidden from our awareness. 
In the ancient cultures of Mexico, the Toad symbolized the Earth.

In Eastern cultures, the three-legged Toad with the coin in its mouth represents Abundance and Prosperity and Good Fortune.


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