What people say about us

What people say about us

Matthew Stone

“I’ve worked with Matthew for about 4 years and he’s been brilliant at giving me the confidence and perspective to take on new challenges – when I was at the BBC and now that I’m running my own company. He’s massively passionate, clever, experienced and a bloody nice bloke to be around.”

Karl Warner | MD, Electric Ray

“Matthew has been one of the most important people in my career. His clarity of thought and wisdom have been an inspiration to me and our company.”

Andrew Mackenzie | Chief Creative Officer, Twofour Group

“I have worked with Matthew for over ten years now for the simple reason that he is very good at what he does. His capacity to cut through the white noise and identify what really matters has given me the confidence to lead, manage and motivate great teams. His perspective is searingly honest and objective but also hugely motivational. It’s a kind of alchemy and it works.”

Harry Mcadoo | Director of Communication, ICAEW

“Matthew’s arrival in the business was in no small part responsible for the double digit growth that’s been achieved over the past 3 years. HIs skills in bringing together a team with a clarity of vision and a sense of accountability are second to none.”

Melanie Leach | CEO, Twofour Group

“Matthew Stone changed my life. Fact. He made me value my achievements, celebrate my talents, appreciate my position and focus on my development and future. From working with Matthew I got a clearer vision of the landscape I work in and gave me the courage to implement change. Everyone needs to be Matthew Stoned.”

Marc Robinson | Managing Director, Globe, Universal Music.

“I would most definitely credit Matthew with changing my life. I’ve always suffered hugely from fear of failure, and have as such never reached my full potential. Matthew gave me clarity, confidence, and the kick up the backside I needed to get out of the job i was trapped in, and start my own business. I’ve never looked back, and will always be grateful.”

Sally-Ann Elliot | We are Wonder.

“The help, advice, and support I received from Matthew had an immeasurable impact on me. I could not have left the company I started, seen clarity as to what my next move would be, and secure it without him. I found working with him invaluable.”

Yan Elliot | Lucky Generals

“Matthew Stone has made a huge difference to me. Wise, thoughtful and insightful, he listens and works with you to reach your goals. It has been a pleasure to work with him and I have recommended him to many people.”

Emma Willis | Creative Director, Twenty Twenty

“Matthew has worked with me in a number of organisations, from Channel 4 to TalkTalk. At TalkTalk he was part of our spot coaching team, delivering an innovative coaching model that allowed us to open up executive coaching to the whole business. Matthew wholeheartedly threw himself into this and helped us build a model that was incredibly successful. Matthew has a rare combination of skills, both incredibly insightful, thoughtful and a terrific listener, he also absolutely does not let you get away with anything, is challenging and unafraid of asking really difficult questions. I’d absolutely recommend Matthew as one of the best coaches I’ve worked with, particularly for tough clients who need and want a robust to-and-fro.”

Ruwan Fernando | Group Talent and Learning Innovator TalkTalk

Jo Stone

“Jo was one of our spot coaches at TalkTalk. As well as fully embracing an innovative approach to coaching within the business, and really helping us drive a significant change in both the perception and application of coaching as a result, she is just, hands down, a terrific coach. Jo was consistently the coach that our teams wanted to see more of, I think because of a rare balance between incredible empathy and an approach that really helped individuals move forward with the challenges they were experiencing quickly. Jo was also a brilliant partner to the business, providing us with insight and challenge. I’d have no hesitation in recommending Jo as a coach and as a genuine collaborator you’d always want to be part of your wider team.”

Ruwan Fernando | Group Talent and Learning Innovator TalkTalk

“Jo is a truly and wonderfully transformational coach. She took me from despair and hopelessness to vision and joy in just one session! Most importantly she helped me to see another piece of my purpose – what I am called to do – and one that filled me with excitement, bliss and gratitude. Thank you Jo for helping me to see my inspired life path opening up before me again!”

Julia | Heart of Success

“I worked with Jo as part of the talent development programme at TalkTalk. After my first one hour session with her I came out of the room feeling invigorated, energised and motivated. Over the course of our next few meetings Jo had a profound effect on my personal development; teaching me some valuable skills both for life and work which have really helped me since. Sessions with her were always fun and innovative and left me with a great deal of clarity about the course of action I needed to take thereafter. The benefits in my work were hugely noticeable and commented on by colleagues. I sincerely hope I get the opportunity to work with her again.”

Stephen Henry | Sales and Operations Director at Switch My Business

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